Celebrating Meal Traditions

by : Beth R. on May 06, 2014
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We asked our Facebook fans to tell us about their family meal tradition using Tuttorosso tomatoes and who started it?

This got me thinking about who inspired me to cook and what traditions do I have that center around family mealtime? I credit both my Mom and Grama for my love of cooking. I learned to cook at an early age, a 10 year member of 4-H taught me the basics, but learning from my Mom and Grama really inspired me to want to be a great cook.  Growing up, my Dad worked no less than 2 jobs at a time and my Mom stayed home most of my childhood, not working until I was in high school. During those years, we ate as a family at the dinner table each night. Most Sundays, my Mom put a roast in the oven while we went off to church and we had Sunday Roast for dinner. It was a special treat if we went with other families after church to a restaurant.

My Grama made the best vegetable soup, which my oldest sister has nearly perfected. I have so many memories of being in her kitchen helping her cook. I can’t think of a holiday where we didn’t get together as a family; all of the aunts, uncles and cousins (first, second and thirds!) and have a huge potluck. As time went on and we grew up, started to have families of our own, we would still get together on the big holidays, but not everyone could attend and it became more about our own immediate families.

Now that my Mom is Grandma, and my Grama has since passed; we have made getting together as a family a priority. We still gather on holidays, most birthdays and sometimes on Sunday…just because. It really hit home the other day when my now grown niece asked if we could start having Sunday dinner again together. It meant a lot to me that she wants to take time out of her busy life to spend time with her aunts, uncles and cousins.

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  1. By: Victoria C.
    Date: 05/09/2014
     My meal tradition is the Sunday night grilled cheese sandwich & chocolate milkshake (which I shared with my cousins at their house & transferred it back to my own family). We would get out plates & drinks and move to sit in front of the Television (early on it was the Disney hour, then it became 60 Minutes -- still love it today).  Easy & yummy!

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