Souper Supper for a frosty night

by : Beth R. on Nov 17, 2014
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It's been snowing in parts of the Midwest this past week.  A lot in some places! I know snow in November isn't unheard of, but after the brutal winter we had last year, weren't you hoping for a little more time before dealing with that white stuff??  I know I was...but, we got it, we will shovel it and we will get more of it!

So what if we can at least make enduring the cold a bit more enjoyable?  Throw a Souper Supper!  That's right - a supper of soup!  It's warm, it's easy and tasty!  I do this every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for all of our family who visit from out of town.  It's our 4th year doing this and everyone looks forward to the smaller gathering.  Our Thanksgiving is just a small group - you know, 72 family members and friends...nothing too big!  It's a nice way to get everyone a quick bite to eat, it's casual and relaxed with comforting soup and easy bites.  Last year I made our Black Bean and Pumpkin Chili and it was a huge hit.  Everyone loved the warm flavors and heartiness of this chili.  No one believe me when I told them it had pumpkin in it!

I also like to make a simple tomato soup like our Tomato Soup in Puff Pastry for those who want a meatless option.  It is creamy and delicious. And for serving, I make puff pastry croutons instead of making it on the bowl itself.  These type of dinner parties are my favorite.  You sit everything out. guests grab what they want at their leisure and I use disposable dinnerware for easy clean up.  I use small disposable cups for the soup, easy to hold without fumbling with a bowl.  Soups like these are perfect for taking off the chill of a winter fall night!

What do you cook when it turns cold?

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  1. By: Jane Y.
    Date: 11/19/2014
    This looks like a wonderful tradition, I can't wait to try!

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