Snackadium Throwdown

by : Beth R. on Dec 29, 2014
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We know some of you take game day entertaining very serious, what better way to show your team spirit than building a Snackadium?  It's a football stadium built from game day food and snacks...Snack+Stadium - Snackadium!  We built our own last year for Superbowl weekend and it was a lot of fun, and our employees loved eating the delicious dips and snacks!

If you want to take your game day party to a whole new level - build your own and be sure to tag with #RedGoldGameDay!  We will post photos on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!  Need inspiration?  Do a quick search on Google or Pinterest and you will find lots of images and websites to get you started!

We found a great guide on A 'lil Curious that gave us our start. We started with a heavy cardboard base to make moving our stadium easier. We then used cardboard file holders as our stadium seats/sections. Using a hot glue gun we glued them together along the front edges to allow us to curve the stadium to make the sections. We then used aluminum pans (2 loaf pans and one 8x8 pan to make the field. We used our World’s Best Queso Dip on one end, our Red Gold Salsa on the other end and our Chunky Guacamole completed the field. We piped sour cream from a plastic bag to make the field stripes, cut grape tomatoes in half for our players and built the goal posts from sausage snacks that we cut and adhered with toothpicks to make the “u” shapes (tip: when these snacks get warm, they tend to lean, we tried freezing them, that worked long enough to take a picture. Pretzel rods will be used in the future). We surrounded the stadium with our cans and salsa to hide the cardboard file boxes and then filled the boxes with chips (to save on chips, you can start by filling with tissue paper, then add the chips). We filled in any gaps with green tissue paper to make it look like field turf.  We thought it turned out pretty good - be creative and have fun and don't forget to post your photos and tag with #RedGoldGameDay.

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