Facing Culinary Fears

by : Beth R. on Feb 13, 2015
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Have you ever made a recipe before and found yourself surprised on how good it was or that you actually made it?  For me, it was Marshmallows.  It was as if I made fire for the first time or something.  I was amazed that you can make marshmallows at home, and thrilled that they were way better than anything from a bag!  I was truly impressed with myself!  Sort of like when Julie made Julia's Beouf Bourguignon in the movie "Julie & Julia" (2009 by Nora Ephron).  My niece recently started cooking and I get such a kick out of her stories in the kitchen and how excited she is when she makes something amazing!  Her most recent culinary adventure involved salmon.  I helped her pick out a nice filet, she had a recipe all picked out and was ready to go.  I sent her a text to see how it turned out:

How was the salmon?

I have been dry-heaving for the past 10 minutes because there are gills still on the fish!

There are not any gills?  Do you mean the skin?

Gills, skin, whatever...is was gross!

Grossed out or not, she enjoyed the dish and was quite proud of her new culinary conquest!  She doesn't do well with raw meat either, but with rubber gloves, she is quite brave!

I have taken on just about everything in the kitchen.  Two things I have never made: Homemade Pasta or a Soufflé.  Sure, I have made noodles and dumplings but not pasta that has to be rolled, shaped or filled.  My excuse is that I don't have a pasta maker, but I think it is simply because I am chicken!  Then there is the soufflé…that one makes me shudder.  It seems like any cartoon, movie, or show where someone is cooking to impress, makes a soufflé and inevitably it falls in the oven.  Can it be that hard?  I mean, I made popovers with success.  What is the big deal?  I have never even attempted to make one.  It really intimidates me.  What scares you in the kitchen?  What do you consider to be your best culinary success?

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