The Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

by : Beth R. on Apr 23, 2015
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Ahhh, sunshine, blooming trees and flowers, the smell of cut grass…it must be SPRING!!  Everyone do your happy dance – we’re not watching and we certainly won’t judge!  It has been a long cold winter and many of us are ready for warmer weather.  But along with all the pretty things that spring brings, there is a down side – spring cleaning.  I know, that stopped you mid happy strut, sorry.

Now there are those out there that truly get giddy around  this time of year, for some it is planting flowers and vegetable gardens.  For others it is wearing flip flops and sundresses.  And then there are some really deranged peculiar people who look forward to putting on the rubber gloves and the smell of lemon and pine in the air.  You know that someone, we all do.  Some of us simply take advantage of warmer weather to open the windows and let the house breathe (deep inhale, cough, sputter, sneeze).  Who am I kidding, my house is dusty and I’m not sure, but I think there may be an apocalypse outside... no wait…I just need to clean my windows – yeah, no zombies, just dirty windows, really dirty.

So, where to start?  Think top down, get the cobwebs out of the corners of your ceilings and walls.  Launder your washable window treatments or take them to the cleaners for dry cleaning.  Vacuum the inside of window sills, wipe down blinds and clean the glass.  Workin’ up a sweat yet?  Turn on the ceiling fan – WAIT, give it a quick dusting if it hasn’t been used since last summer.  You can either wipe with a duster or my favorite trick is to use an old pillowcase to wrap around the blade and wipe as you pull it off to keep the dust contained.

Rotate and or flip your mattress and wash the bedding.  If you have a small handheld steamer, take this time to steam both the mattress and box springs, this will kill dust mites and freshen your bed.  Dust all of your wood surfaces with a good furniture polish to revive dry wood.  Wipe down stair banisters, appliances, cabinets and clean painted walls where needed.  Give your rooms a good vacuum.  Be sure to get into all of the corners, edges and crevices.  Empty the fridge and get rid of anything with past expiration dates.  Wipe down the shelves and doors (try 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 quart of warm water).  Be sure to pull out any drawers, remember that soda that spilled last month??  Clean and deodorize your sink’s garbage disposal with a half of a lemon, a little baking soda, some salt and ice cubes.  Put them all down the disposal and run until the ice cubes are crushed, your disposal is cleaned and will smell much better!  Wait, we’re not finished yet…kill mildew on your shower curtain by giving it a spin in the washer, and use that steamer again to sanitize around the toilet and other hard surfaces (make sure they are safe for steam cleaning).  What about all of those sweaters and winter coats you never wore last winter, or the year before for that matter?  Yep, the closet too.  If you didn’t wear it last season, get rid of it.  Take gently used clothing for donation or list it online at one of the many websites for clothing resale; you might be surprised of the amount you could make; shoes and boots too!  Clean or replace air filters on air-conditioning units, clothes dryers and refrigerators.  Finally, don’t forget to check and change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Whew!  I’m tired just reading this – but we all know it is worth the time and effort it takes to do some deep cleaning.  Now we just have to keep it that way – Good Luck!  Happy Spring!

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