Front and Center in Her Slippers

by : Beth R. on Oct 23, 2015
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I have some wonderful memories from the red carpet shows I've hosted for Great American Country for both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. Elegant gowns, pinch-myself-moments followed by the star-studded award shows themselves. And as much as I've enjoyed sitting in those grand arenas watching Blake and Luke do their thing on the stage or hearing the stars sing their hits echoed by the voices of thousands singing along, there's nothing like watching it from your own living room (and if you could have seen some of the shoes I've worn on those shows, you would certainly understand.) Give me my couch, my slippers, my favorite country stars on the flat screen, and my kitchen about 10 feet away, and you won't find a more content country music fan than me :)

At this year's upcoming CMA awards on November 4th, I'll be front and center on my own sofa. If you're doing the same and having a few friends over to watch your favorite country stars stylin', smilin', and high profilin', I'd love to share another food idea to serve. Because while it is all about what's happening on the tube—who's winning what and who's wearing who—what is on your guests' plates is very important. The main ingredient of a good party after all is good food!

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "country as corn" to describe something that's...well, very country! That's not a bad thing either. For instance, it makes me think affectionately of Roy Clark, Buck Owens, and the old Hee Haw shows. With slightly "corny" jokes, great music, and down home comedy bits, Hee Haw was a staple in many American households. The Andy Griffith Show, Minnie Pearl, and in my opinion the current king of country humor, Mike Snider are other examples of timeless entertainment that is self effacing, good hearted, and never relies on not-so-family-friendly language to make a punch line effective. If you ever get a chance to see Mike Snider live, don't walk, but run to get a ticket. I guarantee a night of laughs that will leave you walking away feeling good in your soul. Plus, he's a heck of a banjo player too!

So thinking of things that were country as corn, I of course thought of cornbread. Charlie then thought of tamales, another favorite at our house. The tamale is not quite the ideal "finger food", but what if country cornbread and Mexican Tamales got married? They would have little baby Tamale Cornbread Sticks! Now that statement right there was exactly "country as corn". My corny self aside, these are really good and make for an excellent, easy to grab-and-go party snack with slightly spicy flavor for a red hot awards show!

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