Five To Try Series: Ingredient #5 Piquillo Peppers

by : Beth R. on Jan 25, 2016
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Most of us immediately think HOT when we hear the word “pepper.” But the sweet, succulent and smoky flavors of piquillo peppers make these a favorite in Italian and Spanish cuisine.

Piquillo Pepper Facts:

  • A variety of chile, the piquillo pepper features a sweet, juicy, tangy taste with not too much heat.
  • Their name is derived from Spanish, meaning “little beak.”
  • Piquillo peppers are hand picked, roasted over open fires, peeled and then packed into jars. Usually they’re just soaking in olive oil or their own natural juices.

Piquillo Pepper Tips:

  • Try substituting any roasted red pepper ingredient for piquillo peppers to add a tangy, unexpected flavor.
  • Piquillo peppers are ideal for being stuffed with meat or seafood due to their firm skin and bold flavor.
  • Piquillo peppers also pair quite well with anchovies, another ingredient featured in our ‘5 Ingredients to Try in 2016’ series.

Ways to Try Piquillo Peppers:

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