Q & A with Andie Mitchell Part 1 of 3

by : Beth R. on Apr 08, 2016
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We recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with blogger Andie Mitchel of AndieMitchell.com. We will share our "interview" with you over the next few weeks on our blog. Get to know Andie!


Welcome Andie! Why don’t you take a second to introduce yourself?

Hello! I’m so happy to be joining my friends at Tuttorosso! About me: I am a writer, speaker, and recipe developer. I am the blogger behind AndieMitchell.com and the New York Times bestselling author of It Was Me All Along, my memoir about losing 135 pounds and the journey to find balance, and Eating in the Middle: A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook.

For someone who is new to your blog or hasn’t read your memoir, It Was Me All Along, would you share why started your blog.

I started my blog in 2010, four years after losing 135 pounds. By then, I had been reading food and healthy living blogs for a few years, and I loved them. I was so inspired by the bloggers I followed--from their recipes and creativity to the unique ways they chose to share their lives online. It was refreshing to find others who loved food and cooking as much as I did! I decided to start my own for so many reasons, but mostly because I knew I had some delicious healthy recipes worth sharing. I also knew that in time, I wanted to write about my weight loss, the struggles I had with emotional eating, and working toward a peaceful relationship with food, because I knew there had to be others who would relate.

What is your cooking background and how do you get ideas for your recipes?

I may not have professional culinary training, but I have a true passion for food. Most of my knowledge comes from cooking with my mom growing up, a whole lot of experimentation, and an obsession with cookbooks. I find inspiration for recipes everywhere--from meals out at restaurants and changing seasons to local dishes I try when traveling. I love to take that inspiration and then try to make my own version in a wholesome way. I love to draw on that inspiration and make my own wholesome versions.

We met you a few years ago at a blogger event where we compared our Whole Peeled Tomatoes against other popular brands and if we remember correctly, you were shocked with the results and switched brands of canned tomatoes. What made you a fan of Tuttorosso Tomatoes?

Years ago, I bought whatever canned tomato brand was on sale. But I noticed that in doing this, my sauces were always inconsistent. Sometimes they tasted a little tinny/metallic while other times they could be bitter–even when my recipe remained completely the same. But two years ago, I was introduced to Tuttorosso and when we did the comparison, it was night and day! I couldn’t believe it. Tuttorosso’s plum tomatoes were firm, intact, and tasted sweet, while all of the other brands were mushy and mostly bitter-tasting. I’ve been a Tuttorosso convert ever since!


Come back next week when we learn more about Andie's just released cookbook and some of the challenges when making healthier choices.

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