• “In tomatoes” since the ‘30s:

    The Paarlbergs are no strangers to tomato farming. In fact, they’d be hard-pressed to tell you a time when it wasn’t a part of their family’s history.

    As Jim’s dad reminisced, “That’d be back in the 30’s – early 30s, with my grandpa, my father, and my uncle. They were already in the tomato business back then, and the family’s been in the business ever since.”
  • “Nothing quite like it.”

    For over 35 years now, Scott Rice has tended to his family’s farm. And after 35 years, he still finds himself in awe of the magic of nature.

    “The rewards of starting with some raw material – land, seed, fertilizer, equipment – and then being able to plant a crop and bring it along, and in just a few months being able to harvest it – there’s really nothing quite like it.” – Scott