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Image of Red Gold Inc Family of Brands logos includes Red Gold Redpack Tuttorosso Sacramento Sriracha

Did you know that Tuttorosso, Redpack, Sacramento, and Sriracha tomato products are all from the makers of Red Gold? For over 75 years, the Red Gold company has worked with local family farms in our quest to provide the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world. Why? Because as a family-owned company, we know the importance of quality in helping you turn everyday meals into delicious family favorites.


A Better Tomato Doesn't Happen Overnight

Our family does everything we can to give you the best sustainably-grown tomato products...from using Non-GMO ingredients, to packing them in Non-BPA-lined cans - we never cut corners on quality.


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Image of Corn Salsa on wood tray with tortilla chips

This dip is full of fresh flavor from crisp corn, black beans, avocado and the perfect touch of heat from Red Gold Petite Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies. It's the perfect thing to serve on a hot summer day.

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Image of Italian Turkey Burger on wood tray

It's the season for burgers. These burgers are juicy and have Italian flavor from Redpack Diced Tomatoes Basil, Garlic & Oregano. Top with your favorite marinara and melted cheese for burgers that are far from basic.

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Image of Sassy Chicken Salad sandwich chicken salad with grapes celery diced canned tomatoes and chicken on a croissant

This sassy version of the beloved classic sandwich is one that you're going to love. Sweet heat from chili sauce, a touch of garlic and plenty of freshness, all from our Sriracha Diced Tomatoes and Red Chilies.

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Family Owned, Grown, and Made

For four generations, the Red Gold family has been working with local family farms to grow the highest quality, best-tasting tomatoes in the world. Red Gold tomatoes aren't just family owned, they're family grown and made, right here in the USA!

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Our Tomatoes Have Last Names

Every Red Gold tomato is grown on one of over 40 Midwestern family farms.  As a family business ourselves, supporting other local family businesses is important to us. Our growers are located across three states. Get to know some of the multi-generational farm families who raise Red Gold tomatoes.

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Caring For Our Community

Since the start, we've never wavered in our goal of always giving back to the community that surrounds us. Whether it is volunteering at our Red Gold Run to Crush Hunger race event, banding together when others are in crisis from a natural disaster; or sharing with family and friends our 'Ketchup with a Cause' program; something that sets us apart is how our employees are passionate about giving back.


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Caring For Our Land the Right Way

We're obsessive about producing the best tomatoes in the most sustainable and environmentally-conscious way. Red Gold has taken its own path to ensure our operations are sustainable, responsible, and accountable.


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