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Tomato Love

Tomato Love begins with the finest tomatoes grown on local family farms. Picked ripe off the vine, we toss in lots of fresh chilies and a dash of seasoning to create a tomato love affair. It's tomato perfection with incredible freshness and quality.

We Grow 'Em. We Harvest 'Em. We Love 'Em.

Image of two burgers and red gold sriracha ketchup bottle in background
Image of tomato and pepper characters from Red Gold Tomato Love canned tomato label

Fresh Ingredients

Tomato Love is made with simple ingredients and the freshest tomatoes captured vine-ripe at the peak of summer harvest.


How We Show Love

Kids love food. Moms love food. Families love food. And Tomato Love brings them all together with mealtime that memories are made of.

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Discover new family favorites.
Check out our library of simple, convenient comfort recipes just for Tomato Love and you!

Image of macaroni and cheese with a twist of added petite diced tomatoes with green chilies in white dish
Mac and Cheese with a Twist

One box, one can and have a quick and easy lunch or side for a family on the go.

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Image of Sriracha Cream Cheese Dip with red gold sriracha petite diced tomatoes over cream cheese on dark plate
Sriracha Cream Cheese Dip

Cream cheese topped with Red Gold Tomato Love Sriracha Diced Tomatoes & Red chilies is the easiest dip ever!

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Image of Sassy Chicken Salad sandwich chicken salad with grapes celery diced canned tomatoes and chicken on a croissant
Sassy Chicken Salad

Crunchy celery along with the sweetness from grapes balances the heat of the tomatoes for a chicken salad sandwich with sass!

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