Red Gold Family Grown Rays
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    Kids Give The Tour

    Family farms are a great place to grow up.  Hear from our next generation of growers on why they love growing Red Gold tomatoes.  As a family owned company, we know that family makes the biggest difference when it comes to our tomatoes, and we are proud to work with multi-generation family farms!  No scripts, no actors, just real kids from our family farms sharing our story.

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    Red Gold Farm Families

    We invite you to meet five more of our growers and the family behind Red Gold. For four generations, the Reichart family has been working with our family farms to grow quality tomatoes. Our growers are proud of being tomato farmers and having a connection to the the land. No actors, no scripts, just real Red Gold growers telling our story.

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    Real Growers, Real Stories
    Our growers are not just farmers, they are family.  As a family-owned company, we work with family farms to grow our tomatoes across Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.  We invite you to meet our family of growers and get to know them like we do.  No actors, no scripts, just our real Red Gold tomato families sharing our stories.
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Four Generations of Reichart Family Ownership

Family Owned for Four Generations

Four generations later, Brian and Selita Reichart lead the company – with their sons Colt and Beau actively involved every day to ensure the quality never wavers

Get to know more about the Reichart family >>

Our Tomatoes Have Last Names

Every Red Gold tomato is grown on one of 50 Midwestern family farms, each with their own unique story. Get to know some of the multi-generational farm families who raise our Red Gold tomatoes

Meet the farm families >>

A Better Tomato Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Our family does everything it can to give you the best sustainably grown tomato products. From raising non-GMO harvests to packing in non-BPA lined cans – we never cut corners on quality.

Learn what makes Red Gold better >>

Caring for Our Land the Right Way

Sustainability’s not just a practice.  With us, it’s a business model.

Discover how we care for the land >>

Food Donation for Hurricane Matthew

Thank you for helping us Crush Hunger

With your help, we we donated one meal for every can of Red Gold tomatoes sold.  We met our goal of providing 1.7 million meals that included over 46 tons of tomato products to communities impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

Learn how you helped us Crush Hunger >>